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Star Trek Online – Win a Complete Aegis Space Set! (Ended)

That’s right! Enter to win a complete Aegis Space set! This solid and well performing space set was donated and is ready to be used by new and old players alike.


aegisDeflector AegisEngine AegisShield


*Note that the stats on each item may change based on what ship you equip it to. 

This online only contest runs until 1pm Central US Time on April 17th so make sure you enter before that date! See you all in-game!


*Rules and info are as follows

1. One entry per account / person / household. (extra entries will be deleted and your primary entry will be removed from consideration)

2. Items will be distributed shortly after the contest ends via in-game mail.

3. You must provide your Star Trek Online @Handle on your entry so prizes can be mailed to you if you win.

4. You do not have to provide your email address unless you want to. I do not email so it will in all likelihood not be needed.

5. False entries will not be considered for the grand prize.



How do I enter?

Simple. Fill out the entry form here.

How many times can I enter?

Only one entry per household, please. Note I said per HOUSEHOLD, not per account.

Are you going to send me spam mail if I provide my email address?

Absolutely not. As previously mentioned, I have no use for email addresses. If you choose to provide it, that is up to you. You can even put in a false email addy for all I care.

When is the last day to enter the contest?

At this time, the end date is set for April 17th, 2015. You can enter up until that day and still be considered for the prize. Note that I am in the Central Time Zone and I am going off those times.

Are you an alien?

No. I am from Texas. Wait. Ok, maybe I am an alien.


Do you play favorites? Like, can I send you items for your giveaway so I can have a better chance to win?

No, I do not play favorites. You may donate to the giveaway if you like, but that will in no way increase your chances. Each entry will have the same chance of winning as any other.

Can I share this contest with my fleetmates / friends? 

Absolutely. Let as many people know as you like. They are all free to enter the contest.

Can a fleet enter the contest?

I am only accepting individual player entries. However, if you enter and win with the intention of passing the set to a needy fleetmate / friend, that is perfectly fine.

Is there a cost to enter or to accept prizes?

Absolutely not. There is no entry fee for this drawing. There is no cost to accept prizes if you win. If anyone tells you any different, they are lying to you.

If I have questions, who should I contact?

You can direct your questions to me here using the About Me page or you can mail me in-game @Olivia211.