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Donors for May 31st, 2014

Today was a very good giveaway. In recognition of the Shuttle weekend, I dipped into my own pockets and gave away a timeship shuttle. We also had a huge donation from Mr. McAllen@Hawk. who gave us an Undine Biowarship. The lucky winner of the ship was Jorez Enoch@polygeek who looks like he is definitely going to use the ship. All in all, a good day even though one particular troll was trying to ruin our good time. We have prevailed!

Here are your donors for the day! Make sure to thank them for all their support. (Note, I am including the names from what would have been yesterday’s giveaway today as I was not well and did not hold the event then)

donor 1 May 30 donor 1 May 31 donor 2 May 30