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Donors for April 16, 2015

Latest from Angie!

“I farted backwards today and I feel no different.”

Remember guys, if I add in another item to the first item by saying something like + random item, that additional item does not count toward your two item daily cap. It is just a bonus item. Enjoy it!

Don’t forget to sign up for your chance to win a complete Aegis Space Set! Check out the post on the drawing here! Remember, ONE entry per household. Make sure you read over the rules.

Here are the entries for the final item today.




     10 entries and the winner is…


Congratulations to Lilu on winning the Enhanced RCS Console!!!

Friendly reminder, I cannot have a conversation during the giveaway (usually). It is simply not possible with all the whispers I am getting. Best thing you can do is send me a mail or ask a question on my accounts.

If you are new to the giveaway, you will want to go over the rules which are posted here.

Here are your donors for the day.



I created a Sim to clean my house for me. However, the game went crazy and was like NO! You will take this Sim and like it!