How It Works

(Updated December 1, 2014)

The giveaway is fairly easy to participate in. After carefully reviewing the Rules, feel free to lay claim to any item that would be useful for you! Here is how it will go.

In the official Saint Olivia channel, I will post an item, usually followed by the words “Anyone? Free!” or something similar along with a key word. If the item is appealing to you and helps you or your ship, send me a whisper (Private Message) with the key word to try to claim the item. I will then announce the name of the winner and ask them to check their mail. After that, another item will be posted and the process will continue. To join the channel, simply type into your chat bar /channel_join Saint Olivia

Keep in mind we have just a single in game channel. Any other variations on the name are not run by me or anyone in the official Saint Olivia fleet. If this changes, I will update this page and also post an announcement. 

Each giveaway can vary in duration. If the mood in chat is favorable, I can keep going for quite some time. I usually go for about 25 to 35 minutes. If chat is slow, however, I may shorten the giveaway after distributing just a few items. I play the duration by ear as the environment in the game changes from day to day.

It is very important that the Rules be followed so that we can have a successful and uplifting giveaway. Participation is obviously not required.

For more information on donating to the giveaway, click here.

Be sure to check out our FAQs!

See you in game!




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