How to Donate

Donations of items is fairly straight forward – any unwanted items you can spare can be mailed to me in game. My handle is @Olivia211 so that will be where you should send them. There are a few things that should be considered first before donating.

Is the item truly usable?

Will someone actually want to use it?

Will I regret donating this?

The answers to those questions should be quite apparent. While I do appreciate any and all donations, some items are just viewed as vendor trash (eg most white weapons and consoles). I will still accept those items, but they will not be used in the giveaway. The same can be said with most greens items. Unless they are exceptional in some way, they will usually be recycled for 50% of their vendor value. In this case, the EC from those vendor sales will be reinvested in the giveaway by means of the exchange where I will purchase items which may be more appealing (eg Mirror Vessels, other various blue and purple items).

If you think you might regret donating an item later, it is probably best to hang onto it or at least take a few minutes to consider the donation. While I love getting very nice items to give to needy players, I also do not want you to feel as if you gave away a massive amount of money or an item you may have eventually used. Once an item is donated, it can be very difficult to get it back to the donor as I get a great deal of in game mail and whispers every day. Also, once the item is given away, it should be considered irretrievable.

If you have decided you can do without the item and would like to donate it, the easiest way is to simply drop it in the mail to me. Unfortunately since I do get a lot of mail, my box sometimes gets full. Do not let that deter you as I empty the box each time I log on. In some instances I may be able to meet with you so the items can be traded to me, but while the event is running it is virtually impossible to accomplish so mail is going to be your best bet. If the event is not running, that would be a better time to meet so the items can be traded.

I post daily the names of all the donors for the giveaway. It is completely acceptable to ask me to mention you or your fleet while I give away the item(s) you sent me. I will also post the names here. I, however, cannot and will not run fleet advertisements for you or scripted messages. If you would rather not be named, you can leave the mail blank with the exception of the donation. If you would like to remain anonymous, please say so in the body of the mail so I can remove your name from all postings and not mention you while the event is going.

Any additional questions can be sent to me via in game mail. I would say you can whisper me while the event is not going, but it is possible I may be in a run and unable to respond.

(Updated March 9th, 2014)




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