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Donors for November 29, 2014

Today was a decent giveaway. Of course we had Mr. Troll trying to fake everyone out. Reminder, I have only ONE account that I use for the giveaway. The real account is @Olivia211. There is a fake trying to scam people that uses the handle of @olivia21l. Notice the difference? Just place them on ignore. If they start spamming you, file a support ticket.

In case you all haven’t see it, Trollgate is still an unresolved issue. For the forum post on this, check here. You can also review my previous post on Trollgate here.

Friendly reminder, I cannot have a conversation during the giveaway. It is simply not possible with all the whispers I am getting. Best thing you can do is send me a mail or ask a question on my accounts.

If you are new to the giveaway, you will want to go over the rules which are posted here.

Here are your donors for the day.