About Saint Olivia Fleet

(Updated December 1st, 2014)

Saint Olivia fleet is a small, family like fleet. As the fleet has risen in tier, a few more people have been welcomed in. We are very picky about who we welcome into the fold. Still, we are very productive and the fleet build is coming along nicely. Currently, we are Tier 3 Starbase, Tier 3 Spire, Tier 2 Embassy, and a tier 3 Mine.

We do not actively recruit. Ever. Instead, we let our reputation do all the talking for us. We are small, but efficient and we prefer runs that are well done with minimal issues. We prefer older players. Our youngest member is about 23 with out oldest being in their late 40s. Most of us are late 20s and 30s. We do often speak about things that only older people would connect with and because of this, we do not readily accept anyone under 20 years of age. We are not trying to limit our options. We just don’t think a teenager would connect with us in any meaningful way. We are always open to change though so this is not set in stone.

If you do have interest in joining our ranks, feel free to contact any member of the fleet to ask for more information. We don’t have any special rules. While in fleet, all we ask is that you conduct yourself in an adult manner and keep any sort of trolling or bad mouthing to a minimum. The Saint Olivia fleet has a very positive reputation in this community and we wish to keep it that way. Any trolling, scamming, or any negative actions by any fleet member, regardless of rank or tenure, will be removed for violating these rules.


  1. i reported you bro estaban for spamming and for scamming and for bombing my sto account with bridge invites and pvp invites and i sent a video link with the report i hope you know he will be getting banned

    • I am glad you reported him. He IS NOT part of our fleet. He does the same thing to me. He has been purposely creating fake fleets to fool people into think he is part of us when he is not. This is a battle I have been engaged in for over a week. If you see him doing this again, please file another ticket. Sadly, he looks like he may not even get a slap on the wrist. He has been trolling people this way for well over a month and still nothing has been done to stop him.

  2. hey buddy. he has a new id handler aswell,. i have spring,me you the info

  3. Hey Buddy.
    firstly if i double posted.
    that troll has got a new id
    and a new fleet, but all named after you
    the reason is coz i had a friend request from him and i accepted because i thought it was from you, and when i did accept, i noticed it wasnt you, as your toons are high level. his is not….
    just thought i would let u no
    his new id etc is
    Saint Olivia@olivia21l
    and ur handler has 211, his hasnt

    kind regards

  4. Hi, was on ESD when I kept getting invites for PVP from Saint Olivia – not sure if it was the real St Olivia or a fake – If it was the real one – Sorry that I did not respond I was AFK at the time

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