In Game Channels

Here is a brief list of in-game channels that you may find helpful. Many of these channels were taken from the Star Trek Online Wiki page which is located here. Others are not on that page, but are still useful to many. If you have a channel you would like added to this list, leave a comment or drop me an in-game mail and I will consider adding it. Do note that I will not post channels that are used solely to exploit game mechanics or violate the Terms of Service. Also note that I do not favor any single fleet or group over another. These channels are listed simply because players may find them useful.

* to join any channel, type in /Channel_Join followed by the channel name. You can also do a channel by name search in chat option.


Trading / Fleet Gear / Assitance

  • Public DPS – This channel is used to help players increase their dps. Many helpful players willing to give advisement on ship builds, both ground and space. To Join, type /channel_join dps-public
  • NoP Public Service – This channel is used specifically for requesting and granting access to higher tier starbases, mines, spires, and embassies. It can also be used for requesting and granting access to Suliban Cell ships, Tuffli freighters, Ferengi D’Koras as well as bridge officer training. All services here are free and selling is forbidden. In some rare cases, some fleets may offer free ship provisions. You must supply your own fleet ship modules.  To join, type /channel_join NoP Public Service
  • The Trading Channel – This channel is used for selling and trading items or services. To join, type /channel_join TheTradingChannel
  • Public Service – This is one of the first Public Service channels created in the game. It is similar to the NoP Public Service channel; however, it is private and you must request permission to join it. The rules here are strictly enforced so please review them before participating.
  • DOFF Jobs – This channel is used primarily for helping to locate specific Duty Officer assignments. Often times people will call out when a particular assignment is available and where. A very good option for those who like to search out and locate those hard to find assignments. To join this channel, type /channel_join DOFFJobs
  • PA:PSTS -A Public Service and trading channel that grants access to star bases, mines, spire, embassies and freighters. Bridge officer training is also available. Members are permitted to buy / sell or request fleet marks and dilithium donations. On occasion, you may be able to acquire star base provisions, ships, or doffs by request. Players requesting ships must have their own Fleet Ship Modules. The channel also handles the trading of lobi ships, lock box ships, kit modules, and special event items such as the Risan Summer Event and Q’s Winter Wonderland Event. Players who design foundry missions are welcome to request reviews for submissions or reviews in general. To join, type /channel_join PA:PSTS
  • Club Noob Trading – A Trading channel with a little more to it. Buy, sell, trade, community chat, loan, advice, ship builds, pvp chat, pawns. To join, type into your chat bar /channel_join Club Noob

Freebie / Giveaways

  • Saint Olivia sponsored by – This channel is used for making bank space in the sense that you can giveaway unwanted items that others may find useful. No selling of any kind is allowed here. “Find Me” giveaways are not allowed. General assistance for new players is also allowed, but full conversations should be kept to a minimum. To join, type /channel_join Saint Olivia

PVE  / PVP Queue

  • Public Elite STF – This channel is use by those who are unhappy with the PVE queue groups they get. Most users of this channel are well versed in STFs so you may find a higher quality run through a group here than in the normal PVE queue. Rules are strictly enforced on this channel so please review them before participating. To join this channel, type /channel_join PublicEliteSTF
  • Organized PVP – This channel is used to help start groups specifically for PVP action. It can also be used to help with PVP strategies and builds. To join, type /channel_join OrganizedPVP

General Chat

  • Global – This is the Star Trek Online Global channel. Once you join, only a Cryptic employee can remove this from your options so make sure this is something you really want.
  • REDDIT Chat – If you are a Redditor, you may find this channel useful. To join, type /channel_join RedditChat









  1. PA:PSTS is no longer in operation for some unknown reason.

    That’s one less channel where you could go get fleet stuff and people were pretty easy-going and welcoming.

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