‘What’s in The Box?’ Game

As a fun way to add a little more to the giveaway, I have recently been running a halftime game during the event. I have called it the “What’s in The Box?” game. The rules are quite simple!

During the “halftime” part of the giveaway, I will announce the game by saying something like “It is now time to play ‘What’s in The Box?'” What I do is I take votes either through PM or ESD chat as to which box people would like me to open. Once the votes are tallied, usually after about 45-60 seconds, I open a single lock box with the highest votes. Whatever I pull from the box, regardless of value, is then offered in the giveaway. I obviously cannot give away the lobi as it is bound to me, but I will giveaway anything else from the box such as DOFF packs, special items, and even the grand prize ship!

Many people have boo’d this game, saying the chances of getting something good are very slim. While that might be true, I will say that regardless of the chance of getting something, it costs the people of Star Trek Online NOTHING so they lose nothing. They can only gain from it, and I must say I do enjoy getting good items and giving them away. Some of the past items that were given away have been specialized consoles, Duty Officer Packs, and just today (March 11th, 2014) we were able to give away a Plasmonic Leech console from the Tal Shiar Lock Box! I must admit when I saw the drop, it pained me a little to give it away, but when I make a promise I like to stick to it so the leech was given away. Interesting enough, I would have rather gotten the Grand Prize than the leech!

Anyway, that’s the game and it has been pretty fun since I have started doing it. The rules of the game are the same as the ESD Newbie Item Giveaway so make sure you check those out when you get a chance. While I have yet to receive a lock box key as a donation, any I do get will be used for this game. Up until now, I have been donating the key for the game which I am more than happy to do, but I obviously will not turn down any help with it. As far as the lobi goes, I have been reinvesting it into the giveaway as well by offering small lobi items such as the ever popular Gambling Device and even pets.


Thank you all again for your participation. I feel this event is bringing the community together even more which can only make us stronger. See you in-game!

Suliban Cell Ship

  1. will@ltburnmartin

    hi olivia please consider me for the aegis space set giveaway contest

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