ESD Item Giveaway

Several months ago while cleaning out my bank, I started randomly giving items away after posting them in chat in Earth Space Dock. Over time, I began to do it more and more, mainly just to make more room in my bank. Being EC capped on most of my characters, it was easier for me to just giveaway items than to find items to purchase on the exchange. Most of my characters have good gear and I will probably never need another ship for a good while.

Over time, I started making it a daily thing where I would announce that I was giving away items and people could “claim” them by whispering me. I got a lot of positive feedback with my efforts which is why this is not something I do every single day that I am not pulled away by my real life. I have come to name my mini event The ESD Newbie Item Giveaway. Given how large this has gotten over the past month I decided to make a site dedicated to it and to help track donors and activity. While I do still give a few items out of my own “Personal Stash,” many of the items now are donated from kind and giving fellow players as a way to help bring the community together and welcome in some of our new players. We are a small community in Star Trek Online, but that doesn’t mean we can at least try to live by some of the fundamental ideas Gene Roddenberry had for his futuristic society.

  1. i am a fleet admiral in my fleet, the DDF. we aleays have a surplus of items in our fleet bank thag go unused. i will gladly donate them to you and your cause. look me up in game @rickac74.

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