Do you receive payment for this?
No, I do not. I do not make money off this. 

Do you mention people who donate items for the event?
I can. If asked, I will make mention of a Player name or a fleet name. (Note: I will not agree to mention a player name or fleet if there is some sort of agenda behind it)

Do you ever keep any of the donations?
No. I have more than enough gear and EC so I am good. 

Are donations mandatory if I accept any item from you?
Absolutely not. Donations are just that. Only if you are well off in game and can afford it should you consider donating items.  

Do you give items to people who just vendor them?
While I try to avoid that, I am sure it has happened. I want all the items to actually be used and not just vendored or put on the exchange. However, I cannot prevent people from doing that. Hopefully, those getting these items use them instead of selling them. Selling them off defeats the entire purpose of the giveaway. 

Can I send back items to get back under my daily limit?
No. (See Rules)

Why don’t you just sell these on the exchange?
Most of the time I am ec capped at 1b on various characters. Yes, I also have 500m in my account bank. A lot of these items actually have been on the exchange, but they have never sold and just come back to me over and over. I would rather give them to those who can use them instead of vendoring when I have cap space. 

How do I donate?
Refer to the How to Donate page.

Are you an employee of Cryptic / Perfect World?
No, I am not nor have I ever been. I do not act on behalf of either entity. 

What do you do with items that no one takes?
If the item seems usable, I place it back into my bank queue so I can try to give it away again. If it is not used, it is sold to a vendor for 50% of its value and that money is then used to purchase items more likely to be taken in the giveaway. See How to Donate for more details on this practice.

Do I have a lifetime limit on how many items I can get from you?
While I have not implemented such a limit, I would like for people to remember that this giveaway is meant to help those who need help the most. Claiming an item every now and then is perfectly fine. However, one should not come to depend on the giveaway as a source of gear or income. One should continue to play the game as normal – building up your skills so you can one day give back to the community. 

Is there a way for me to contact you outside the game if needed?

Yes. You can ask a question through my  Spring.me account. 

Star Trek Into Derpness


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