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Donors for August 31, 2014

Another busy busy giveaway day. Thank you to McAllen for giving out a 2000 zen PWE card. He asked me to announce it which I did and he got it to a winner of his choosing. Congratulations to whomever he selected!

Just an FYI for them, I cannot have a conversation or answer many questions while the giveaway is going on. I am getting far too many inquiries to answer everyone at that time. After the giveaway is done may be better, but even then I am still getting a lot of questions. You can always ask your question via in game mail or you can ask on and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

We still have one more online drawing going for a chance to win one of two Shuttles! You can read all about it and enter here!

Here are your donors for the day.

donors 1 August 31


And here is Angie’s favorite Star Trek picture!