Popular Giveaway Items

Besides the obvious hot giveaway items like lockbox ships and certain consoles, there are also a few items that tend to go pretty fast when they are posted. This list, which will be updated from time to time, will list some of those items so donor can have a better understanding of what items have been most popular in the preceding weeks. Again, this is just a rough list so a popular item may not always show up on this list.

  • Mid level very rare Ship Shields
  • Mid level very rare weapons
  • MK XII items of most types
  • Bridge Officer Candidates (Rare and Very Rare) with at least one highly sought after ability or trait. Examples include, but are not limited to Beam Overload III, Reverse Shield Polarity III, Scatter Volley III, Subterfuge, Pirate, Efficient, Torpedo Spread III, Tractor Beam III, Tractor Beam Repulsers III, Superior Romulan Operative, Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field III, Transfer Shield Strength III
  • Duty Officer Packs – Singles or mini packs

I figured it would also be a good idea to list a few items that tend to sit in the giveaway bank for a very long time. Obviously, these items usually do not go very well and end up getting vendored for EC which goes into the giveaway bank. Again, this list may be updated.

  • Reputation ground weapons such as the Nukura anti-proton ground weapons
  • Most white and green quality ground and space items
  • Bridge Officers with less desirable traits / abilities
  • Several space science consoles such as Sensor Probes, Stealth Modules, and Countermeasure Systems
  • Single Cannon Space weapons

This short list should give you a decent idea of what is popular and what is not so popular. At times, I have been able to giveaway many items on the unpopular list. However, I think of those as exceptions as there are times when some of these items sit in my giveaway queue for days, sometimes weeks before they are either taken or vendored.

I am often asked which items are best for the giveaway. As I have said before, any item is useful as most things have a set EC value. This list is being made available simply as a guide to what people have been taking and not taking. Feel free to donate anything you would like. If I can find a home for it, I will. However, do not be surprised if it turns into EC that goes into the giveaway bank.

Thank you all again for your continued support!


Feel free to ask me any question you like on Spring.me


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