Star Trek Online – Lag Issue Found?

I was speaking with a fleetmate in the Saint Olivia channel about the lag and he pointed to a handful of issues with certain traits. He had said that there was proof that some new post Delta Rising Traits were causing major issues with lag. I thought the argument was interesting and ask for more information. He had mentioned shoddy coding which obviously can cause major issues with games and cause a CPU to be worked far harder than it should have to be. It can also send much larger data packets and cause lag.

He also mentioned there had been a video created to show the issue as it happened. I was curious to see what the video entailed so I checked it out.

While  I cannot say for certain that the traits mentioned in the video are 100% the reason why we are getting such a high amount of lag now in the game, it does make a very compelling argument. It makes me wonder if anyone from Cryptic is looking at the trait coding and trying to streamline it so it works more efficiently.

Here is the video. Feel free to come to your own conclusions.

(FYI, neither of us created this video)


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