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Donors for September 22, 2014

I have noticed more and more people simply copy and pasting the key word. I ward off abuse of this, I am throwing curve balls out from time to time. If I see someone abusing the system in any way, it’s no more items for you! Remember, the idea is to get these items to people who can actually use them. This is not a way for players who are already well off to increase their wealth.

Friendly reminder, I cannot have a conversation during the giveaway. It is simply not possible with all the whispers I am getting. Best thing you can do is send me a mail or ask a question on my  Spring.me accounts.

In case you all haven’t seen it yet, the new Online Only drawing has gone live! You can win a Tuffli freighter! Check out the information and entry link here.

If you are new to the giveaway, I have recently updated the rules to reflect the key word function so be sure to check them out here.

Here are your donors for the day. Also want to thank Galactic Pride fleet for their continued support! If you have an in-game channel you would like me to mention in the giveaway, drop me a note and I will try to get it mentioned!

donors 1 Sept 22

And a special message from Saint Olivia Fleet’s own Angie Pants!