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Donors for September 6, 2014

Today was an experiment of sorts. I help sniff out the racers (people who speed in without actually reading what the item is) I have started adding key words to my posts. In other words, I will ask people to respond with a particular word I type. It can be any word that I make up on the spot. I am doing this as a way to help eliminate people who are not really in need of an item but just want to try and make some fast money out of it. While I know this will not eliminate the practice, it will slow down some racers which benefits all of us.

If you have questions and cannot get a hold of me in game, you can always ask your question via in game mail or you can ask on  Spring.me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

We still have one more online drawing going for a chance to win one of two Shuttles! You can read all about it and enter here! Only about 4 days left so get signed up and remember, you can enter DAILY.

Here are your donors for the day.

donors 1 Sept 6