Star Trek Online Tips – Acquiring Common DOFFs

One of the bigger issues hampering progress for some fleets is that lower membership will usually mean that projects stay open longer, therefore you cannot progress your fleet as quickly as you want. Here are a few of easy ways to help fill some of those projects when you need Common (White) Duty Officers.


  • Always start your Duty Officer Assignments for free DOFFs at Starfleet Academy. Free is free even though it takes a couple of days to complete the assignments. The requests you put in with the personnel officer will yield you at least 8 white duty officers and possibly more if your assignment crits.
  • Don’t forget your officer exchange Assignments! Again, Starfleet Academy has an Andorian, Vulcan, and Tellarite officer there to help you start the assignment. These will yield you 3 common officers. There are also a few recruitment assignments in various parts of the galaxy, bit tracking those down may take time. I would advise if you happen upon one, go ahead and start it.


  • Don’t like Uncommon (Green) officers? Exchange them! At Starfleet Academy (and on Suliban Cell Ships) you can trade in a single green DOFF for 3 white DOFFs. You also receive Recruitment CXP when you do this (50 or 60 if you have a CXP boost running). For me, green duty officers are almost always pointless unless there is something special about them (example, they are consultants, refugees). In most cases, it will serve you better to simply grind the greens down into whites for the sake of a fleet project. I would not recommend taking this route unless you have had a chance to acquire a significant amount of Rare (blue) and Very Rare (Purple) DOFFs. After all, the rarity of a DOFF helps you get more CXP and more crits from assignments. Do note that there is a small bug with this assignment. It will complete in just a few seconds, but when you go to restart it, it may not allow you. To bypass this bug, try to start the Rare DOFF version of the same assignment, then click on the Uncommon version. It should then let you run the Uncommin version of the assignment again as much as you like.

personnel officer

  • Romulans! Did you know you can double dip? At the Romulan Command Center, you can request officers just as you would at Starfleet Academy. Again, this assignments take 2 days to complete, but it is 8 free common DOFFs. To double dip, simply start the same assignments at Starfleet Academy (if you are a fed). This way you can have 16 free DOFFs coming your way.
  • Buy DOFFs from your Starbase! If you are a solo fleet or close to it, you probably have an excess amount of Fleet Credits (At one point, my main character had over 2 million). If you are looking to quickly fill a project, simply purchase the common DOFFs from your Starbase for 500 Fleet Credits each. The great part is once you donate them to a fleet project, you make back 250 to 300 fleet credits based on the project, giving you even more credits to spend if needed. Some people don’t like this way of acquiring DOFFs, but again, if you have excess FCs and want to fill a project quickly, this will surely do it for you.

These are just a few ways to help get more white duty officers to progress your base faster. Keep coming back as I will post more tips when I have the chance! See you in-game!


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